Smart Shipping

World’s Thinnest Shipment Tracker

Imagine a smart tracking device that delivers location-specific, supply-chain data on demand. Now picture that same device, but paper-thin, and as a sticker.

Introducing the SMART LABEL.

Innovative Shipping Label
Smaller, Smarter, Safer

Today’s businesses are faced with an overwhelming number of logistical challenges for a single product. That’s why we created the SMART LABEL – the world’s thinnest global logistics solution. 

The smart label provides an unprecedented level of detail, allowing you to track products, monitor their integrity, and increase efficiency on a global scale. Your product will only ever be a mouse click away.

The Smart Shipping Label provides an automated, efficient, and secure tracking solution.
It’s as simple as applying a sticker.

Small &
Smart Design

Printed battery for a minimal form factor, paper-thin. No pollution from lithium batteries. Simply peel off to dismantle the label.

More intelligent than ever

Designed as both a one-off or multi-use tracking solution. It features a built-in accelerometer, and a potential temperature sensor.

Increased Security

Removing the label triggers the broken-seal functionality and notifies customers of the exact location of their shipments at the time of opening.

Where we matter most

Letters Tracking

With the option of selecting the one-off or multi-use solution, the Label can be attached via its adhesive surface and can be used to seal and track packages as small as letters.

Parcel Tracking

Parcel Tracking

Effortlessly attach the Label on larger boxes to give operators, customers, and insurance companies the ability to monitor the location and integrity of shipments throughout the supply chain.

SmartLabel on Container

Truck and Container Tracking

Seal truck doors and guarantee the integrity of contents. The Label transmits location data and notifies the owner of the asset, to its location and when the doors have been opened.

Your data is never more than a click away

The Silica Dashboard provides fleet and asset overviews with real time tracking and the latest status of your assets.

Our Range of Smart Shipping Labels

One device, made for every use case.

Enjoy The Smart Label across multiple models, all designed for large-scale production.

Which Label is right for you? One-time or multi-use, adhesive sticker or solid casing, or an optional temperature sensor.
Discover the smart solutions to move your supply chain forward.

The Smart Label

The Smart Label tracks valuable one-time shipments with cell-id, protecting content integrity and minimizing excessive impact, right up to its destination. Most ideal for tracking packages thanks to its quick application and easy disposal.

216 x 279 x 2 mm




Printed battery

Power Source

The Container Label

The ultimate security solution for large and valuable shipments in trucks and shipping containers. The Smart Shipping Label acts as a second security measure by triggering notifications when a shipment has been opened, revealing its exact location in real-time. Ideal for deterring theft or can be designed to look inconspicuous.

383 x 270 mm


NB-IOT and/or LTE-M


Printed battery

Power Source

The Cap Label

Equipped with a supercapacitor, the Cap Label boasts an extended life cycle. Its chargeability via charge pads allows for increased electrical output and enables enhanced communication across more power-intensive networks. Ideal for frequent sending of packages where increased connectivity and sensing is required.

125 x 65 x 4.5 mm


NB-IOT/LTE-M (2G fallback)


Super Capacitor (Rechargeable)

Power Source

The BLE Label

The BLE Label is favorable for tracking smaller units within existing supply chains. However, its small form factor and cost-effective solution makes it appealing for applications across the board. The Label sends its location to existing gateways or gateways such as SODAQ TRACK BLE.

93 x 61 x 1.3 mm




Printed battery

Power Source

The Small Cap Label

The Small Cap Label is a supercapacitor-powered label that offers increased durability and a USB-C port to charge or attach an external temperature sensor. Its small form factor and temperature sensing capabilities make it the perfect food box or vaccine box tracker.

125 x 65 x 7.5 mm


NB-IOT/LTE-M (2G fallback)


Super Capacitor (Rechargeable)

Power Source

The Smart Label,
Moving Your
Supply Chain Forward

The Label is powered by 2mm thick, printed alkaline batteries that keep the Smart Shipping Label charged for 4 to 6 months. The printed battery can be substituted with a supercapacitor to change the label from a single to a multi-use tracking solution. 

The Label features a SODAQ designed flex PCB that comes fitted with a microprocessor, modem, and printed antenna. The flex PCB is the standard green PCB’s more sustainable alternative, and adds flexibility to the label. The Label incorporated i-SIM technology enables the customer to select a sim of their choosing. The Label utilizes the chosen sim to communicate via LTE-M & NB-IoT networks and use cell-id for location.

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What is the MOQ (minimum order quantity) to run a Smart Label Pilot?

The prototype pilots can work with 100 to 5,000 labels, where future use is aimed at large use cases (10,000+).

How do I get started using Smart Label?

Please contact us via the form when you have a large supply chain, or a use case supported by budget and time.

Does Smart Label work anywhere in the world?

The Smart Label works wherever there is NB-IoT or LTE-M (4G and up) coverage.

Didn’t answer your question?

About Smart Label is a website of SODAQ.

Smart Label technology is patented (pending) by Bayer AG.

SODAQ and Elmeric are the inventors of the Label technology, and the printed battery, respectively. Additionally, SODAQ is the inventor of applying the capacitor. SODAQ is licensed to develop off-spin, produce and sell any type of Label. 

SODAQ is looking for large-scale customers who can take us from prototype to production level stage.